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Nativen is an American heritage workwear brand, for hands-on women with know how. 

From our curated collection of vintage pieces to our thoughtfully crafted USA-made workwear,  we are passionate about providing you with the kind of products you will love to live and work in.

We believe that you don't need more stuff. You need better stuff.


Nativen Mix: Light As A Feather


Nativen Mix: Light As A Feather

Kat Parker

Standing in the moon shadow of a 100 million year old rock formation in the high desert, a calm sensation washes over you as you truly realize just how insignificant you are in space and time, and how freeing that feels.  

Last week the Nativen team answered the siren call of the California wilderness and traveled to Joshua Tree for Desert & Denim, an annual gathering of like-minded, maker-driven small companies.  We spent our days immersed in workshops and conversations, and our nights flowed into a soundscape of fantastic music, which has inspired this month’s mix.

Gnome Life Records rolled out a dreamy, star-lit evening featuring Shay Roselip and The Range of Light Wilderness, whose layered, reverby guitars rippled and stretched out on the night air and wrapped us in a blanket of etherial sound.

Then we dove into some psychedelic honky-tonkin' at the legendary Pappy & Harriet’s where Pow! delighted us with charisma and grit; Dirty Fences smacked us in the face with filthy glam and bullet-proof drumming (men in old lingerie and tight animal print never disappoints); and Mondo Drag transcended this dimension with  their swirling, writhing organ steering us home to the stars.

Late winter is a time of shedding our skin, of travel, rejuvenation, and exploration. New roads, new adventures, a new click on the radio dial. Get out there and reach for that light!



  1. King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard - The River #2
  2. Love - Can't Explain
  3. The Allah-Las - Ferus Gallery
  4. Shuggie Otis - Sweet Thang
  5. Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anemone
  6. Dr John - You Lie
  7. The Range of Light Wilderness - Hearts On Fire
  8. Jessica Lea Mayfield - Grown Man
  9. The Velvet Underground - Run, Run, Run
  10. Hinds - Easy
  11. Vetiver - You May Be Blue
  12. Mondo Drag - Light As A Feather
  13. The Seeds - Can't Seem To Make You Mine
  14. Sandy's - Listen To My Shells
  15. Devendra Banhart - Hey Mama Wolf
  16. Shay Roselip - Sweet Salutation
  17. Shovels & Rope w/ Shaky Graves (Neil Young) - Unknown Legend