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400 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11226

Nativen is an American heritage workwear brand, for hands-on women with know how. 

From our curated collection of vintage pieces to our thoughtfully crafted USA-made workwear,  we are passionate about providing you with the kind of products you will love to live and work in.

We believe that you don't need more stuff. You need better stuff.


Nativen Mix: Get Low Down


Nativen Mix: Get Low Down

Lily Hetzler

It's December and I'm thinking about Allen Toussaint. I'm thinking about the cradle of American music - wrapped in the swaddling clothes of New Orleans and laid in the manger of the Mississippi Delta. I'm tracking where it spun out through the muddy streets of Chicago, over the Appalachian peaks, and through Minnesota's great north woods. I'm making soup, I'm dancing in my kitchen, throwing in extra heat, trying to dance the Zydeco. It's December and I'm singing loud, I'm feeling myself, and I'm getting low down.


  1. Lee Dorsey - Give It Up
  2. Bobby Charles - Street People
  3. Donny Hathaway - Jealous Guy
  4. Billy Swan - Don't Be Cruel
  5. Curly Moore - Get Low Down
  6. Clifton Chenier - Je Suis En Recolteur
  7. The Meters - Sophisticated Cissy
  8. Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Tom Waits - Tootie Ma Was a Big Fine Thing
  9. Waylon Jennings - Jone Blon
  10. Esther Phillips - Try Me
  11. Vetiver - Another Reason To Go
  12. Leola & The Lovejoys - Wait 'Round The Corner
  13. The Black Keys - Meet Me In The City
  14. Bob Dylan - River Theme
  15. Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz & Aoife O'Donovan - Be My Husband
  16. Dave Rawlings Machine - Short Haired Woman Blues